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Vanity 6 - Drive Me Wild (1982)

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Vanity 6 Drive Me Wild from there debut self titled Vanity 6. Susan Moonsie sung lead vocals on this track. Song was written and produced by Prince aka Jamie Starr of The Starr Company. Vanity 6 Members, Denise Matthews (Vanity) R.I.P., Brenda Bennett, Susan Moonsie.

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    by MASTALOCK 9 months ago
    Susan Moonsie was originally Prince love interest from High School from what I heard, When Vanity joined the group, Vanity caught Prince's interest. Susan supposedly broke it off with Prince due to him seeing another woman maybe before Vanity or maybe it was Vanity not completely sure on that. He did start dating Vanity from 1982 to 1983, before she left during production of Purple Rain when Vanity was reading the script for the movie and broke up with Prince and left the Purple Rain project before filming began, Apollonia replaced Vanity and became Apollonia 6. Susan was fine and I remember when I was 11 or 12 years old I was glad to see her sing lead vocals in this song and video. I watched it originally on BET Video Soul or Video Vibrations and I think Nite Flite too.
    by MASTALOCK 9 months ago
    Prince's R.IP. Bodyguard Chic R.I.P. is in the Vanity 6 - Drive Me Wild and Prince I heard may be in the clown outfit in this video too.
    by MASTALOCK 9 months ago
    Some say it maybe Prince as the clown, the clown looks like a maybe a Lady to me.
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