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Troop - Mamacita (1988)

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Troop - Mamacita is the single of Troops 1988 debut self titled album Troop. The single Mamacita reached #2 on the Billboard's R&B Chart. Troop throwin' down some dance moves that was popular in 1988. Troop group members. Jon Jon Harreld, Reggie Warren, Rodney Benford, Allen McNeil, Steve Random Russell.

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    by MASTALOCK 8 months ago
    Troop was gettin' down on there dance moves including doing the wop, and the Troop moves that I was extremely good at.
    by MASTALOCK 8 months ago
    Also had some cool looking curls, I use sport them curl styles myself in 1988 and 89.
    by MASTALOCK 8 months ago
    I will also post this video in Naked Girls Radio Pajama Party.
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