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Big Chuck & Lil John Show (Full Show & Movie Dracula vs Frankenstein)

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Video uploaded on YouTube from Radiograph Pictures. Big Chuck & Lil John Show, this is the full show. This video is the full show with the skits and full length feature movie Dracula s Frankenstein. Big Chuck & Lil John show, when I was a kid in Cleveland before my move to LA, Cali, us Cleveland Kids use to watch and have sleepovers pizza and pop and end the night in our PJ's with Big Chuck & Lil John ending the night with there PJ's even if you watching alone, it felt like a slumber party movie night with BJ & LJ like they was right there with you.

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    by MASTALOCK 9 months ago
    This is the Big Chuck & Lil John show the full show with skits and full length movie BJ & LJ hosting the show, the movie and the skits.
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