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Pros (Solo Man) N Cons (touchtone) shows and demonstrate MachTV Plus. Roku's answer to KODI. This was the video that made me look into getting MachTV for my Roku 3. I had Mach TV for almost 1 year, it was an excellent channel app to have. I watched a lot of PPV boxing and ufc, and new released movies with MachTV. As of the first week of June MachTV/ Quarks Pro/ Spime TV discontinued which I am hoping they decide to come back. Now I have Radiosity which is available for Roku and Android devices which is similar to Mach TV Plus.

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    by MASTALOCK 1 year ago
    My Mach TV Plus re seller dealer switched my old Mach TV Plus account to Radiosity, which is similar to Mach TV Plus, I like Mach TV Plus better, Radiosity offers more HD channels than Mach TV, but Mach TV channel selection I feel was better and I feel possibly had more channels and Mach TV had more movies. I hoping Radiosity will be adding more movies and channels.
    by MASTALOCK 1 year ago
    To me Mach TV Plus was the best underground IPTV service that was ever on the Roku, I had for almost 1 year. Since they no more, Nitro TV maybe the best one for Roku once they fixed the glitches on there new app. Nitro TV is new for Roku and right now it is working better on Android Streaming Media devices. Right now I am using a 3rd party app from that my Nitro TV Dealer Reseller gave to me although the 3rd party app has no epg guide like the regular Nitro TV App, it has been very stable, I have not been having the problems that customers that has been giving the code to the new app has. I am hoping by next month Nitro TV fixes the glitches on there new app, if so then it can surpass Mach TV that was for the Roku.
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