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Make Money Online with Pajama Party Chat

Broadcast Your Webcam


When you are viewed in the main viewer by others, you earn BROADCAST points. For every 250 viewing minutes, you earn 100 points redeemable for $1.00. For example, if you have 250 people watching you in the main viewer, you are earning $1.00/minute, or $60/hour!

Q. How do I broadcast on Pajama Party?

A. Just sign in to Pajama Party Chat. When the Pajama Party broadcast webpage loads, you will see a Flash prompt asking for your permission to access your webcam and microphone. Select "Allow" to close the Flash prompt. Within moments your preview image will display (top right corner) and you can be viewed live on Pajama Party! If you do not have a CameraWare License, you can broadcast FREE always. Just sign in as a Guest, then enable your camera with Flash the same as described above.

Lighting Set Up For Your Webcam Broadcast

Q. Do I have to broadcast if I don't want to?

Of course not. It's perfectly okay to just watch cameras and chat :) If you have a webcam and sign in to Pajama Party, you will receive a prompt by Flash to get permission to access your camera and microphone as shown on the left.

You can choose to "Deny" Flash access to your camera and microphone here, or you can also turn your camera on/off from the broadcast webpage as explained below.

To turn your camera on/off from the broadcast webpage, click directly on your webcam preview image (top right of the broadcast webpage). The Preview Menu will open. UNcheck the box beside "Camera" and both your camera and microphone will be turned off until you go back and place a checkmark back in the Camera and Microphone check boxes.

Get Tips From Viewers

When you receive a tip, you earn TIP points. You earn 600 points for every 1,000 tokens tipped to you. This is roughly $6.00 cash earned for every $10 in tokens tipped to you.

Q. What are the tokens used for?

A. Tokens are included when you purchase a CW 2.0 License.

The tokens are used to watch live streaming audio and video in the Pajama Party Chat Main Viewer! It costs only two token per minute, and with our great deal on CW 2.0 Licenses you'll have many hours of enjoyment with your favorite broadcasters and friends. And you use tokens to TIP your favorite broadcasters! There's nothing like showing someone how much you appreciate them like a great tip :P

Note: If you have more than 10 people watching you in the Main Viewer (paying viewers) you can use the Main Viewer to watch other people FREE!! Once the number of paying viewers goes below 10, tokens will be required again for you to use the Main Viewer. It certainly pays to be popular in Pajama Party Chat!

Get tips make money online computer webcam viewers

Q. How much money are my points worth?

A. Every 500 points is worth $5.00 USD or 500 tokens.

Note: This exchange rate may changed by CameraWare, LLC at anytime without notice. "Points" have no cash value outside of the CameraWare store and are given as a bonus incentive for broadcasters to promote quality content.

Q. How do I redeem my points for money or tokens?

A. Find the link to "Redeem Points" on the broadcast webpage (top and bottom). When you have at least 500 points, you will be able to submit a request to redeem your points for brr-rr-r cold hard cash or exchange for more tokens! You must have a minimum of 500 points in order to redeem them.

Refer New Chatters

If you refer a new user to Pajama Party Chat, you earn AGENT points whenever the new user earns broadcast points. For every $2.00 in broadcast points they earn, you earn 25 cents in points. And for every 60 cents in tips they earn, you earn 5 cents in points.

Earn Cash for Referrals

Note: You continue to earn AGENT points as long as you refer a new user to Pajama Party at least once every six months.

To earn AGENT points, just tell your friends to enter your nickname as the "Referred By" when they sign in to Pajama Party as a guest!

Start A Community

If you start your own community/ chat room, you earn OWNER points whenever someone in your room is earning broadcast points. For every $2.00 in broadcast points they earn, you earn 25 cents.

Start A Chat Community

For example, if you have eight broadcasters in your room that are earning $1.00/minute in broadcast points, you earn $1.00/minute too! That is $60/hour!