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Ways to earn Rays (NGR Virtual World Currency)

Published by: Jessica080806 on 20th Jun 2015 | View all blogs by Jessica080806

Here is a list of ways you can earn Rays® to spend in the NGR 3D Virtual World.

  • Log in to the NGR Virtual World Software: ®0.75 (up to 3x per day!)
  • Log into your UV Profile: ®0.25 (up to 3x per day!)
  • Write a blog on UV: ®01.00 (up to 1x per day!)
  • Upload your a video on Uthertube: ®1.00 (one per day!)
  • Watch 45 seconds of video at Uthertube: ®0.35 (up to 4x per day!)
  • View someone else's profile on UV you earn: ®0.10 (up to 20x per day!)
  • Rate other member's profile on UV: ®0.10 (up to 20x per day!)
  • Rate other member's blogs on UV: ®0.10 (up to 3x per day!)
  • Rate other users pictures on UV: ®0.05 (up to 30x per day!)
  • Member views your UV  Profile you earn: ®0.05 (up to 20x per day!)
  • Upload photos to UV:  ®0.25 (up to 25x per month!)

If you have questions about anything you see here leave a comment below and I will be sure to answer any questions you have the best I can.

*Tip* If you need a way to find other member profile pages have a look at my friends list on my UV profile page. You can surf through all sorts of profiles by checking out everybody's friends list.

*Tip* The more friends you make the more people will come visit your page. You can add people you meet in the virtual world for free by right clicking on them and requesting their friendship. When you are in the UV social center it costs ®.10 to request a friendship. It also costs ®.10 to comment on their profile page or photo but more people will see you and click to see who you are which will help you earn Rays® by getting profile views.


1 Comment

  • Jessica080806
    by Jessica080806 3 years ago
    3 years of doing this stuff and I even need to come back and check this list from time to time.. did my blog for the day so far, logged in to UV/ RLC a couple times so far... maybe I'll watch some videos next.
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