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Waiting for santa by Christmas tree.jpg
Added by NGR
Album - My Pics



  • Joe76
    by Joe76 6 years ago
    I thought you just left a drink and snack for santa under the tree
  • NGR
    by NGR 6 years ago
  • Orchid
    by Orchid 4 years ago
    Your like a christmas elf ready for a night on the town in an LBD
  • NGR
    by NGR 4 years ago
    lol what's an LBD?
  • daria21
    by daria21 4 years ago
    little black dress?
  • NGR
    by NGR 4 years ago
    oh maybe that's it daria :D
    by NGR INC 3 years ago
  • Joe76
    by Joe76 8 months ago
    Tis the time for some Christmas spirit
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