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Aug 31st

A week from now I will be on the road

By Jessica Edwards

Counting down the last week until I am on my way back up north to go to school! I've got two more days of work left.. today (Monday) and tomorrow. I have a few final things to get done this week while I am still here but then it will be time to pack up the car and hit the road. As it turns out I've got two nights of hotel reservations about half way there and will be doing some cave exploration.

car iphone selfie pic

I will have to check and find out if the hotel has wifi. I am automatically guessing that it does but I don't know for sure. I also hope that it has a pool so that I can go for a swim after all of the hours in the car and hiking around. As long as the place has functional wifi then I will be around in the days leading up to moving in to my dorm room.

Mar 20th

Countdown to Jessica's Birthday and Travel Recap

By Jessica Edwards

Countdown to Jessica's Birthday and Travel Recap

California Beach NGRmusic

Four more days on the birthday countdown! Tune in tonight to listen to all kinds of different music from your favorite indie bands! Got your own songs you want us to play? Let us know! Call in during the live show to get on the air with us. Wait on the line and we will try and answer your call as soon as possible. Planning on recapping some recent travel happenings. Listen to find out about where you can check out rececent photos, videos audio from our latest trip!

I am going to be transcribing this episode in the comments below. Anybody is also welcome to add their comments of questions related to this show in the comments section below as well. Thanks so much for listening and for your comments!! :D

Nov 29th

Another day of court continuances... blah,,,

Well yeah I've been talking about the recent dramas of my life both here and on my other account J080806 and trying to leave it as bland and simple as possible because it seems that all I have been doing lately is go to court dates or bajillions of other kinds of meetings. Everything is family related and supposed to be helpful to all of us but it's really starting to wear us down and out quite a bit. I think when this is all said and done with I might need a month long nap.. hey mom wanna watch the kids so I can come down to South Beach and spend a month on the sand???

Platinum Blonde light hair color bleach straight long Naked Girls Radio J080806

OMG!! I try my best not to let things get to me.. anxiety meds helped me through yet another court date this morning. We would've just had a continuance for today and not have to go to court at all but my son's father insisted that he "had things to bring up and say" so we were denied a continuance and still had to go as per what we were told via my son's public defender. Soo there's a little bit to this story that I have not previously mentioned mostly because I know when it comes to the courtroom it is usually best to keep your mouth shut, listen and observe the happenings of the moment.

Platinum Blonde light hair color bleach straight long Naked Girls Radio J080806

There was another court date yesterday that was quite a drive away. We have had to go to that courthouse in today's same court matter many many times at a very large expense. It has been such a large and unexpeceted set of circumstances that our family has struggled financially for the past year now. We try to stay strong but it has been somewhat of a major challenge. I pray every day that we can overcome the obstacles that have been put in our way.

Platinum Blonde light hair color bleach straight long Naked Girls Radio J080806

I had mentioned in a previous blog that my life woud make a great movie or that maybe one day I would write a tell-all book. I don't always have the time to work on such projects as my three wonderful children keep me constantly busy. My youngest is bouncing on the couch next to me and having a great time right now as I try to concentrate on writing this blog. She knows how adorably cute I think she is so she thinks it's funny to try and drive mommy crazy while I try to make an attempt at doing pretty much any of my work lol. I will come back and have more to say soon when she is finished making her commentary about what I am trying to write right now.
Jan 10th

APPARENTLY.... (according to my son's dad I do PORN for a LIVING! WTF!)

I wrote about this on the site today.. and have also done so on and facebook.. also plan to do so on Twitter and every other site I am connected with.. I appreciate your comments and support.. I fully plan to take your kind words to court with me because this is deeply unfair and hurtful to me and my son and the rest of our family. I'm trying to just let this go.. but I deeply need to vent in order to do so.. What a day!!! So yes.. he literally brought These photos on a laptop to court today (saw them with my own eyes) and he told the judge that this proves that I am involved in PORNOGRAPHY! GRRRRRR!!! (Please comment) etc etc..

how is this considered porn because theres a pole? wtf i thought porn is sex or nudity and contact with genitalia NONE of these is happening here but I am being persecuted for this by my sons father in court

Today in court was pretty harsh.. son's dad is trying to say that I run a PORN website!!!! OMFG.. are you kidding me??? I have clothes on and I'm all alone.. no sexual interaction WHATSOEVER!!!!

Still emotional and crying.. this was the hardest court date of my ENTIRE LIFE!!! I can't believe it! He tried to show the judge pics from THIS SITE.. saying they were porn.. judge didn't look at them.. and let me say what I had to say about the accusations.. but it still was a pretty nasty scene... son's dad was ordered to shut his mouth and quit talking nasty about me to EVERYONE in the courtroom as he has continued to do.. a totally random stranger (Thank God) told him off and told him to shut his mouth.. as my son's probation officer came into the room..

The pics that he claimed were PORN.. I was fully CLOTHED and alone.. not touching myself or doing ANYTHING sexual at all.. pole dancing yes.. I SELL POLES.. but I do NOT show my children ANYTHING inappropriate.. WTF.. was NEVER in court in tears in my WHOLE LIFE till today.. judge literally ordered him to quit the BS.. bc all of his hatefulness is hurting our son.. please reply if you're on my side and can offer some love, opinions, positive words or support.. thank you so much with all of my heart :)

making some food any trying to unwind from the early events of today. thank you and God Bless.
Feb 10th

Radio Airplay for Indie Bands on New Groovin Rhythms

By Jessica Edwards

This afternoon I brought back a few of our long time favorite indie bands from years past at NGR. I am sure if you had been with us a while now you will recognize some of them. I will add a list of the songs below the player so you know what they are.

  1. Dub Seeds - Flirty Girl @ 0:35
  2. King Felix - Touching Bases @ 4:42
  3. Cold Forty Three - Hundred Dollar Bail @ 10:37
  4. From the Broken - One Time Hero @ 13:29
  5. Dead Season - Every Day (Is Not My Day) @ 17:29
  6. Dave Kent - Acid Breakfast @ 22:05
  7. Flex Vector - Spellbound @ 27:29
  8. Edmmer - Little Sprinter @ 33:22
  9. Cheech Marley - Freak Show @ 37:12
  10. Pipedreams - Evelution Zero @ 41:58
Jul 28th

Things that you may not know about me

By Jessica Edwards

I took a couple random pics today having to do with things that interest me although they are not things I have been really doing much of lately. Maybe I should.. give me some alternatives as to ways to entertain myself.. maybe add them into some of my website activities somehow. 

Jessica080806 electric guitar

I know a little bit about how to play guitar but I haven't played in quite a while. My dad had been trying to get me into playing again. When he asked me to tune his guitar I could feel that the strings were not going to like it.. they were very old and brittle feeling. Of course I told him they would probably just break when I tightened them.. and they did. They didn't snap at me luckily though. They might as well have just turned to dust. He got new strings on his guitar then and they actually broke the guitar! I couldn't believe it lol.. I did not have anything to do with it lol.. promise!! So this is my guitar.. all dusty. Maybe I should bring it out to play. What do you think?

aromatherapy essential oils tarot cards quantum physics

I also have a whole ton of books.. I just took a quick pic of a couple. I really enjoy essential oils and natural bath and body stuff and I've got some great books about spirituality related stuff and some tarot cards and I've got all kinds of related things but this is what I grabbed quick for this photo. I am going to look at and interpret these cards even though it's not an official spread.. it still counts for something.

Jun 22nd

Congratulations on your Prize Big D! It's On the Way!

Big D cashed in some of his prize coupons today from some of the contests he had won over this past year. Big D has won contests such as the Most Popular Members Contest and the Forum Post Contest here on His selection was this awesome looking Naked Girls Radio stainless steel flask. Congratulations Big D!!

Naked Girls Radio stainless steel flask drinking drink prize free win
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Dec 14th

Apple Soul and Halloween!

By Jessica080806
Apple soul and Halloween decided that it is much easier to just half.  Okay if that was ridiculous.  What I was saying is: I have decided that it is much easier to just talk instead of doing transcriptions of Sandra London's show.  It takes a a lot more time to listen to her and rewind over and over again.  It also takes a while to look up spellings of names of songs, movies, and celebrities.  It didn't make for some good practice though.  I got a few sections of one of her recent broadcasts finished which includes some photos to go along with her story.  I decided that after a while of all the hard work I would take a break and right some more things by talking to the computer.

mandala that I colored that was printed from the internet

It is almost 6:00 AM and I think I will go get a another cup of coffee.  Once I get my coffee I will come back down and work on blogging some more.
This voice recognition thing things that everything I say never mind every sound it hears is an actual word.  I can tap the desk and it will make a word.  I stepped on something and it said the word the period Y is a spelling.  WHY is it spelling the word PEROID?  Lol.  Im eating some peanuts and pieces of cracker while I'm thinking of what to say.  I got my cup of coffee and and now it's a little past 6:00 AM.  I've got one camera on and on wrapped in a blanket.  It's always kind of Colin here.  Really?  Cold in here.  Stupid thing.  Still not mad though.  It's still really not going that bad. 

phone pic dressing room selfie kiss this shirt

I like staying up late because I get a lot of things done that I don't normally do during the day.  The only problem with that is that I do get kind of lonely sometimes.  Not many people I know prefer to stay up all night.  When I spend lots of time online I end up with a lot of friends from Europe.  I can't believe how long it took this program to understand that I was saying Europe.  I just had to fight with it again.  Europe Europe you're up why won't it say the word that I want?  You're up no you're up EUROPE that's what I want to spell EUROPE how am I supposed to say EUROPE?  This is getting silly.  It's told me to S a VE EUROPE how am I supposed to save your up?  It's going to be time to quit soon.  Maybe I should just talk about your up another time.

lake michigan sunset beautiful outdoors nature water

Maybe I'm sitting at a different angle I don't know.  I think that last paragraph was the worst so far.  At least I've got my coffee to keep me warm.  I wonder what everybody else is doing right now besides sleeping.  I know I'm not the only person awake right now.  I'm sure somebody is watching me right now and laughing.  If they only knew what I was doing right now.  They probably have no clue that I am just here talking to my computer trying to write something interesting to post on my site.  I am surprised that when I drink my coffee the speech recognition doesn't say slurp.  HAHA it knows the word slurp.  It does not know how to laugh though.  Sometimes this thing is just a little crazy.

me holding an oil painting on canvas that i was working on

I have a class to go to in a couple hours so I will be going to sleep anytime soon.  I've missed my past couple of classes so I definitely need to go to this one.  It's not my favorite way to spend a Saturday morning but at least I will get out of the house for awhile.  I have been having lots and lots of writers block recently.  I have not been in the mood to type very much.  I am glad that I decided to give voice recognition a try again.  I'm hoping that if I can get good at it I will just talk to my computer from now on.  I think that once it knows me my thoughts will flow a lot more smoothly.  I forgot what command I used to get to the end of my sentence were paragraph.  I will have to look that up.  There is a document that tells you all of the basic commands you need to use with voice recognition.  I haven't looked it over very much though so far.  I think the most difficult things so far is deciding what to talk about.  I had thought about reading my journal that I kept while I was staying at a treatment facility not too long ago.  The book that suggested I write this journal said that I really shouldn't share my journal with any one but honestly I can see the harm in it.  I am not very shy about sharing my personal thoughts and life with others.

mandala i colored but decided i didnt want to or care to finish

I also thought that maybe I could use the voice recognition to look around at the website and talk about things that I'd like to share with you but never feel like actually taking the time to write about.  Maybe that's what I will do.  I think that sounds like a good idea that will make sense and will also help me share more of my thoughts with you.  Actually that is kind of an interesting concept.  I had the same idea with making videos about yea it said nakedgirlsradio dot com doh!  Well it did that other time.  Nakedgirlsradio .Com so close.  I'm really excited that I work at least one time when it the words came out of my mouth.  That's awesome.  So now that I have my new idea I think that I will post this on my blog.  Once it's up there for everyone to read I will grant my laptop and see what there is to write about on the site.  Nakedgirlsradio .Com oh almost...  Was worth a shot.
Feb 6th

impatiently waiting


Today I'm totally overslept until the afternoon.  I was a working on web site stuff and radio shows staff last night and I have had a really long day.  The last few days were difficult because there were a lot of challenges to overcome.  Yesterday to I went out on six deliveries and it was very cold but the frustrating part was that five of the six households had nobody home.  With most of them we were able to find neighbors to take the deliveries but that meant more time outside.  My hands felt like total ice cubes.  I slipped on some black ice while carrying some flowers to one house and fell but fortunately I kept the flower vase safe.  I was not hurt but falling on ice is never fun.

pink visor naked girls radio

My radio show was stressful last night because the broadcast software kept disconnecting and it disconnected me a total of 19 times in a 2 hour time slot.  I did get the radio show done however and from what I've heard of it so far it turned out pretty good.  I was concerned about dead air at 1 point because the microphone was turned off and I did not realize it.  Another thing that concerned me was that each time you reconnect to the broadcast software it automatically turns on your microphone.  I did not notice right away many of the times and was afraid that I would have a weird echo during the show.  So far I cannot notice any echo which I am very glad for.  I thought for sure that that was going to ruin the broadcast quality of the show.  I had a guest call in to the show last night and I have not yet listen to that part of the broadcast.

naked girls couch

I am working on transcribing last night's radio show but I have to wait to listen to it right now because I am also uploading the show to the streaming radio server while I write this.  I decided to write a blog instead because it does not require that I stream anything or go on the internet at all.  Once the file transfer is finished then I can go back to transcribing a show.  I will probably still wait on that though because I do need to do another radio show today.  I will be doing a show for at least the next 11 days in a row.  Hopefully I will have smooth sailing for the rest of the shows.  So far last night show is uploaded at 33% so it has a little way to go.  I am using up plenty of bandwidth by being in that the naked girls radio VIP area right now.  I know it would go faster if I wasn't what I have a hard time not wanting to multitask and accomplish several things at once.

laying down with my laptop on the bed

I am having a cup of coffee and wishing I had insanely strong internet and about six more computers because I have so many different projects I want to do and no single computer I have can handle them all at once.  All of my projects are very audio and graphically intensive.  They all require sound cards and video cards and bandwidth in CPU so it takes a lot of patience for me to sit here and only do one or two things at a time especially because each individual project takes a long time.  I can never seem to get all of my projects done for this reason.  My creative mind goes to quickly to stick with just one project.  My coffee is probably getting cold I should drink some of it.  OK I finished it since within 2 minutes I would be a trip to the microwave.  I didn't bother to make any new coffee since my brother in law made huge pot last night and I only drink 1 cup.  Coffee left overnight is kind of gross but a drink in any way I did feel like waiting for the coffee pot.

Phil the vampire

I'm trying to think about what more to say since I am impatiently awaiting my other computer to be finished doing what it is doing.  I keep checking to see the status of my upload.  It looks like I am at just over 39% now.  Sometimes I will turn off the camera to allow it to upload quicker but I have not so far today.  You never know how much quicker it will actually go.  I'm waiting for 40%.  I know it's really lame but I am trying to decide what else I should do.  I started picking up my bedroom but then I wanted to do other stuff.  I should probably post this and then look for photos to add to all of my recent blog posts.  I put up a couple of quick ones last night but have not done anything with them really so far.  I wish that I could put the radio shows into my posts but they do not work there.  That is why I am transcribing them on the fans of naked girls radio group page wall.  On the walls are the one place that those embeds work.  That is where you can find a list of all of the recent shows and of course listen to them from any page of naked girls radios web site.

Aug 20th

I would LOVE to see everybody blog for the public magazine

By Jessica Edwards

It would be super awesome to see all of the active site members take up a little bit of blogging for the public magazine. It would be really great to have new stuff in there from everybody. It's boring when I only have a whole lot of stuff that I did myself. I am going to try and blog more often. I know a few people have written there. Thanks to those of you that have. I will be so happy and love you forever if you help me out and write something there.

photo of me

I can teach you how to add photos or try and answer any questions you might have. It doesn't matter so much what you write about. You can talk about anything on your mind.. tell me about your day or any topics that might interest you. I want to blog regularly.. especially since my text book for my writing class even talks about blogging. It wants me to blog regularly and or keep a journal. Blogging is the same.. and I've also been told to journal for the sake of its therapeutic value... so here I am! Join me!!!


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