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Pick the ad zone you would like to advertise in and get started by adding your banner today! In our new advertising format we will only allow one ad to run per ad zone at a time when an ad is purchased through the newly set up advertising system. Once an ad space is purchased nobody else can advertise in that spot until the current advertiser's ad impressions or views have run out.

Geographical demographic targeting is available as well as tracking of your advertising campaign's statistics through your advertiser control panel. Track banner clicks and impressions on an hour to hour basis to watch how your ads are performing so that you can learn more about your target audience. Email reports are also available. You decide if and how often you would like to receive statistical reports via email.

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If there is a page on that you would like to advertise on but you do not see that page available in the current list of ad zones available to purchase for advertising please contact us and let us know! We will be happy to assist you.

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